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Data Privacy Policy

We are pleased that you have chosen to visit our homepage and with your interest in PiAL Consult GmbH. In addition to providing comprehensive support for our customers, ensuring the privacy of your personal data is also one of our utmost concerns. The following provides information on the activities we perform, the information we collect and how such is processed when you visit our website. All of our activities comply with applicable regulations governing data privacy.

By using this Internet site you consent to the storage and use of your data as described in this policy. Changes to the data privacy policy will be kept update to date on this site in order to make sure you are properly informed as to which data PiAL Consult GmbH stores and uses. The most important aspects of privacy policy are explained below and are structured by topic:

Notices about Data Privacy
Protecting your personal data is a top priority at PiAL Consult GmbH. That is why we would like to take this opportunity to inform you exactly how we protect your privacy when you share your data with us. In addition to the obvious compliance with legal data privacy regulations, we hereby confirm that we are committed to making sure your data is handled responsibly, so that your privacy is protected at all times. It is important to us that you feel safe when using our web pages.

Why We Use Data
We aim to continuously improve our offers and make them even more attractive. However, we can only optimize the contents of our msg web pages and thus better meet your demands if we know which areas of our web pages are visited most often and for the longest amounts of time. When you entrust us with your personal data, PiAL Consult GmbH agrees to only use such for the technical administration of the websites, customer management, product surveys and marketing purposes and shall only do so to the extent that is absolute necessary. By gaining a better understanding of what you want and need, we will be able to help you find the information you are looking for on our web pages as quickly as possible.

General Information
Certain data is automatically collected when you access the PiAL Consult GmbH web pages. This data is of a general nature and does not include any personal data. The information collected ranges for example, from the type of Web browser being used, the operating system being used, the domain name of your Internet service provider, etc. This information is only of a general nature and cannot be used to come to any conclusions about you personally; it is the same information that is collected when you visit any other website on the Internet. Meaning, this is not a function that is unique to PiAL Consult GmbH Internet sites. Any information that is collected is rendered anonymous and only used for statistical analyses.

Personal Information
If you are prompted to enter personal data on any of our pages, such as your name, address or telephone number, all such data will be subject to special regulations. You will be notified of such by in a notification that specifically reads, “I hereby consent to the collection, use and processing of my personal data (including telephone number and/or e-mail address) for the purpose of contract processing, attracting or polling prospective customers or the general sharing of information with such parties.” Any forwarding to third parties is not allowed, with the exception of PiAL Consult GmbH’s affiliates. I have the right to revoke my consent at any time by informing PiAL Consult GmbH, 20354 Hamburg.” We shall use such data exclusively for the aforementioned purposes. There is no sharing of your data with parties outside PiAL Consult GmbH. The only exceptions hereto are PiAL Consult GmbH’s affiliates. In addition to the data you share with us, we also use information on how you use our pages in order to quickly lead you to information that may be of interest to you and in order to continuously optimize our site.

We would like to use your data to keep you informed about our products and services, as well as to potentially ask you your opinion of them. Naturally, all participation in any such actions is voluntary. If you do not consent to such, you may inform us of such in writing so that we can lock your data accordingly.

Right to Information
At your request, we would be glad to inform you whether and which of your data we have stored; we will provide such in accordance with applicable law. If, despite our best efforts to ensure data accuracy and currentness, we have stored data that is not correct, we shall be glad to correct such at your request.

PiAL Consult GmbH is committed to ensuring all technical and organizational measures (specifically in accordance with § 9 of the German Data Protection Act [BDSG]) are up to date. PiAL Consult GmbH is further committed to ensuring all personal data is protected against manipulation by unauthorized parties. In addition, measures have been implemented to protect against data loss or destruction.

Contact: datenschutz@pial-consult.com

Public Directory of Procedures
§ 4 g of the BDSG stipulates that the Data Privacy Officer must make the following information available to the general public in appropriate form pursuant to § 4 e:

1. Name and Address of the Office in Charge
PiAL Consult GmbH
Dammtorwall 7a
20354 Hamburg

2. Managing Directors
Johannes Keplinger
Sebastian Schliewen
Thomas-M.von Zelewski

3. Managing Director in Charge of Data Processing
Sebastian Schliewen

4. Designated Purpose of the Data Collection, Processing or Use
PiAL Consult GmbH is a consulting and IT solution firm that is active in the health insurance industry. In this environment, the company both develops custom software solutions and provides organizational, business and concrete project environment consulting. The collection, processing and use of data is performed exclusively for the exercising of the aforementioned purposes.

5. Description of the People and Groups Affected and the Relevant Data or Data Categories
Customer data, employee data and data from suppliers and other business partners to the extent such is required to fulfill the purposes named under 4.

6. Recipients or Recipient Categories with Whom the Data May Be Shared
Public agents if relevant legislation exists, external contractors pursuant to § 11 of the BDSG, as well as external offices and internal departments of PiAL Consult GmbH for the fulfillment of the purposes named under 4.

7. Statutory Periods for Deletion of the Data
Lawmakers have issued a variety of storage requirements and periods. Upon expiry of said periods, relevant data can be deleted if no longer required for the fulfillment of contracts or if no longer required for business purposes, or if so stipulated by statutory requirements.

8. Planned Transmission of Data to Third Countries
No transmission to third countries is planned.

PiAL Consult GmbH
Data Protection Officer